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Adoption of green technologies by industries will result in fast approval by the government and millions of new jobs can be created by switching from high-carbon economy to low-carbon. This will help in overcoming poverty and improved livelihoods.


When you find a job listing you like the look of and send off your CV, you have to sell yourself to the prospective employer.

There stands a chance that they will be inundated with people submitting their CV, so how do you make yours stand out from the rest? These tips might help you get through
to the interview stage.


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Nous recherchons un(e) Consultant(e) Mobilité Internationale pour rejoindre notre équipe. Au sein de notre société de conseil en mobilité internationale vous serez en charge de diverses missions: Activité de conseil  Vous assistez un des Associés sur les dossiers clients relatifs à la mobilité internationale de salariés: Analyse pays Estimations de coût Politiques de mobilité internationales Packages d’expatriation Gestion externalisée de

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