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Thinking of taking a gap year but worried about how it will look on your CV? Use it as a chance to build your skills and experience.


The greater the world becomes globalised, the easier it has been for people to move abroad for work. And whether it’s for a better quality of life or for greater earning power, becoming an expat can offer a solution to your personal aspirations that being at home can’t provide.


After you’ve accepted an assignment abroad, your life becomes a whirlwind. There’s the process of finding a new home, leaving your old one, packing up your stuff, saying goodbye…


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Nous recherchons un(e) Consultant(e) Mobilité Internationale pour rejoindre notre équipe. Au sein de notre société de conseil en mobilité internationale vous serez en charge de diverses missions: Activité de conseil  Vous assistez un des Associés sur les dossiers clients relatifs à la mobilité internationale de salariés: Analyse pays Estimations de coût Politiques de mobilité internationales Packages d’expatriation Gestion externalisée de

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