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Searching “how to write a resume” on Google turns up hundreds of millions of answers, but slogging through every single link will produce similar results.


Colombian unemployment has been dropping since January 2018 and it is currently similar to the unemployment in France! In order to take advantage of this new era in the Colombian history, with a developing labour market and motivated workers, companies need to understand the recruiting process.


Talent is a natural gift of human, it is the innate ability that we have from birth, which is manifested in our creativity, our sports achievements, science, technology, communication, cooking, dancing, in all aspects of life. We are all talented, but not everyone can detect it. Sometimes our incredible skills may be right in front of us, but we do not notice them.


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Description de l’offre Au sein de notre société de conseil en mobilité internationale vous serez en charge de diverses missions: Activité de conseil Vous assistez un des Associés sur les dossiers clients relatifs à la mobilité internationale de salariés: Analyse pays Estimations de coût Politiques de mobilité internationales Packages d’expatriation etc… Activité de veille Vous aurez la charge de la

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